Taco Mafia
Mexican Delivery

Taco Mafia is the Mexican who got tired of being an extra and wants to be the protagonist in your life: Mexican food that is faithful to its origins and that bends to the Mayan tradition. Selected ingredients and original recipes for you to enjoy the cultural richness of this universe of flavors. Ask and expect everything but the obvious.

Taco Mafia is like…Taking a walk in Teotihuacán, tripping over a pyramid and waking up in peyote fever with a Mayan God moralizing your lack of talent for peppers. It's like getting knocked out in a Lucha Libre ring and, still down, having to face a hotshot extra in a Tarantino movie. It's having to cross the borders of Tijuana and Juarez, naked and with little water, just to taste how real Taco is made. It's a far cry from vacationing in Acapulco. But we guarantee: it will be rewarding. Because the flavor of Mexico is arid, it's transgressive, it's a blast. It can be anything but boring.

Client: Taco Mafia
Creation: Priscylla Nunes, PSNDesign
Copy: Thiago Mattar 
Illustration: Thiago Limón 
Photo: Guto Souza

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